1.12 million insurance customers ‘give false details’

Around 15 per cent of consumers have knowingly given out false information when purchasing car insurance, it has been revealed.

Sainsbury’s Finance reports that when applying for some form of insurance policy, 1.12 million people have provided inaccurate information, with 18 per cent of these related to home cover.

In addition, 12 per cent gave out false details when buying travel insurance and four per cent of pet insurance customers admitted to supplying wrong information.

Steve Johnson, head of insurance at the firm, said the figures were “concerning”.

“Although it may seem like a good idea in an effort to save time, it could become a real headache later when they find they have invalidated their claim,” he warned. “We would always encourage people to always take the time to go back and check any details [of policies].”

Reasons behind providing misinformation included lack of time (11 per cent), taking too long to find the right details (eight per cent) and attempting to get a cheaper policy (four per cent).

The firm recently revealed that car insurance premiums rose by 5.24 per cent over the past year.

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