Pay £105 Extra If You Don't Switch Energy This Month



Pay £105 Extra If You Don't Switch Energy This Month

Numerous homes around the UK are facing the prospect of paying energy bills that are up to £105 more expensive than normal, if they don't switch to a lower cost tariff.  

There are number of energy companies that have fixed price energy tariffs which are due to end on the last day of August. These companies are British Gas, EDF Energy, Npower and Sainsburyís Energy. If people do not switch their energy tariff by this date, they will automatically be moved onto the companies' standard tariffs - generally the most expensive.

The customers who are on the tariffs that are due to expire will be seeing their bills increase by around £77 on average per year. However there are many customers that will see their energy bills rise by much more. People on the EDF Energy blue+ Price Promise August 2015 tariff could see their annual bill rise by 10%.

Whilst many people will see their prices rise if they are rolled onto a standard tariff, some will not so it is important to check on a price comparison site first before you change.  

Among the cheap dual fuel energy deals around, GB Energy Supply's Premium Energy Saver deal stands out with an average cost of £870. So does Extra Energy's Fresh Fixed Price Nov 2016 v2 with an average yearly cost of £893.

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