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About Saga

Saga is the UK’s foremost provider of services and products to those aged 50 and over. Saga has been providing car insurance since the 1980s, and has risen to become one of the most trusted and recognised brands amongst the over 50s demographic, being well-known for its high quality of service and exceptional products.

Outside of motor insurance, Saga provides a wide range of products and services, including home insurance, medical cover, and even holidays and cruises.

What types of cover does Saga offer?

Saga offers some of the best car insurance packages available to over 50s.

The Saga Car package provides comprehensive cover and comes with a 3-year fixed price. This means that the cost of the annual premium is locked in for the next two renewals – but you’re free to leave at renewal if you so wish. Some of the key features that Saga Car comes with are:

  • Legal protection – to help recover any losses that arise after an accident in which you were not at fault.
  • Onward travel – to help you get to your destination if you cannot continue your journey in your vehicle.
  • Eligible private medical treatment – if you or your partner are injured in an accident within the UK.

The Saga Essential package also provides comprehensive cover but with slightly fewer features than Saga Car. Saga Essential doesn’t carry a 3-year fixed priced guarantee, but like Saga Car it offers:

  • Unlimited driving in the EU – the same level of cover within EU that you have within the UK, with no time limit.
  • Emergency any driver cover – in the event of a medical emergency, any driver will be covered to drive your car.

Why choose Saga?

Saga has spent many years developing a reputation for high standards of quality and service within many different industries. When you opt for a Saga motor insurance policy, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a provider that takes customer service very seriously.

Saga is also a Which? Recommended Provider of car insurance. Which? independently verifies and assesses companies to make sure that consumers are getting the very best products and services.

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