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About Broker Direct

Established in 1997 and located in Bolton, Broker Direct is a company that is 70% owned by insurance brokers and provides a range of different insurance products, including car insurance.

Broker Direct uses their position in the industry to provide attractive insurance deals which save time and money.

What types of cover does Broker Direct offer?

Broker Direct has a variety of car insurance products to suit different needs and circumstances.

Its BDCarCare Standard package covers most drivers aged 25-75 for cars up to £75,000 in value, whilst its BDCarCare Non-Standard package is available to those aged 21-85 and cover vehicles up to a value of £150,000.

Broker Direct’s Standard package is flexible and offers many features, such as protected No Claims Bonus from one year onwards, up to four named drivers on a policy (plus an additional ‘any driver over 25 option’), low to average mileage, and a second car or company car introductory discount.

The Non-Standard package offers the same options as the Standard package, but with low to high mileage, and more flexibility for those who have CCJs or have been previously refused insurance or had their policy cancelled.

Broker Direct also offers its BDProvide package, which is aimed at those driving small to medium sized family vehicles and live in rural/semi-rural areas. The BDProvide package has a 24 hour emergency helpline, 24 hour claims advice helpline, and offers a new car replacement option.

Why choose Broker Direct?

Broker Direct is a fantastic choice for those looking for a competitive rate on their car insurance.

Unlike with some other providers, if you’ve previously been refused insurance, had your policy cancelled, or have CCJs, Broker Direct has an insurance package just for you.

Broker Direct also has a great specialist product for those of you driving family cars in rural and semi-rural areas – a package you don’t find readily elsewhere.

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