Boiler Replacement Deal in Partnership with Zanussi Boilers

Brand New Boiler

Get a brand new Zanussi boiler of your choice installed anywhere in your house in just 7 days*.

10 Year Warranty

...for the price of 9. Includes breakdown cover, with parts and labour at no additional cost. Also includes a 2 year workmanship warranty.

Finance at Just 4.9% APR

Included in the monthly price of £39.99. The best APR for any boiler finance deal on the market. Alternatively, you can pay the whole amount in the first 12 months and pay no interest whatsoever!

Why do I need a new boiler?

As boilers age, they become more and more expensive to run, and start to even present health and safety risks. By having a brand new boiler installed, you can avoid all of the following issues.

Loss of Efficiency

If a boiler was installed pre-2005 or you haven’t had it regularly maintained, it can become 40% less efficient than a new one.

Increased Energy Bills

The extra energy needed for the boiler to perform its functions after this loss of efficiency can cost an extra £300 a year.

Health and Safety Risks

If boilers are not regularly maintained they can become increasingly prone to carbon monoxide leaks, which can present serious health risks.


Older boilers break down far more often than newer ones, and replacements can cost up to £5,500.

How does our boiler replacement service work?

Our exclusive offer comes from our partnership with Snug, a division of Zanussi Boilers. We're happy to be able to offer you a unique boiler finance deal that includes provision and installation of the boiler itself, along with 10 years of breakdown cover, all for a fantastically reduced price. To top it off, we'll give the first year absolutely free.


Usually, this deal would cost £52.99 per month, but we've arranged a discount for you, so that you'll only pay £39.99 a month. What's more, you'll pay nothing whatsoever for the first 12 months.


Once you've signed up, we'll get your boiler installed within 7 days. We'll even offer to relocate it anywhere in your home if you're not happy with it's original position.

10 Year Warranty

As part of the 10 year warranty, you'll get free breakdown cover, with all labour and parts included in the cost. For an extra £6 per month, you can benefit from Snug Warm Cover, which includes annual servicing - no matter the state of your boiler.

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What You Get

Here's a full breakdown of what you get for your money:

  • A brand new Zanussi boiler of your choice from the system or combi range
  • Free installation within 7 days, and free relocation if required
  • A free magnetic filter that will extend the lifespan of your boiler
  • A free smart thermostat if desired (which could save you £130 a year on your bills)
  • 10 years warranty & breakdown cover

In addition to all of this, you can enjoy Snug Warm Cover for just £6 a month, saving you up to £70 over a year.

If you pay the balance in full within the first 12 months, you'll pay no interest whatsoever, bringing the total to just £3,640.

*We will aim to get your boiler installed within 7 days but cannot guarantee this timeframe

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